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        Welcome to my photography world, I shall say thank you for whatever reasons that brought you here; either you're a friend or a complete stranger, I am glad you're here to see my photo works and hopefully you would enjoy and like some of them and get inspired from some of them, and then inspire others in whatever you do, which go beyond photography in life.

             To those who do not know me, I am Tianyang Geng, born and raised up in Beijing, China since 1991. I am a self-taught part-time photographer in the field of landscape and cityscape. How did I get hooked on photography? This is a question that needs to trace back to my youth around 10 years ago, that was when I firstly picked up a DSLR but I have never got serious about it until recent couples of years. When I was firstly exposed to a DSLR, I only used it as a tool to record my daily life, that was my absolute only intention of having my parents bought me that first camera - Canon 450D, which later I lost. Then I got upgraded to a 5D Mark II, my first full frame 35 mm camera, you would expect me that was when I got serious about photography, but in fact, I did not until I got the Canon 5D Mark III that I've used for the past 3 years. I have gradually felt passion about image making ever since, at the same time I just started to learn everything on my own from ground zero. Over the past couple of years I have developed my skills and are still continuously learning from many outstanding photographers around the world, maybe one of you. Right now, I am mainly shooting with Sony A7R II, therefore all of my works here are taken by Canon 5D Mark III and Sony A7R II.

            Photography, to me, has became one of my passions in life and a genre/media of self-expression from just an unnecessary tool for life-recording. It does not intervene with other things I do, but has helped, instead; it also has made me learned many things about life itself through composing for the shots, clicking the shutters, and all the places i've been and visited otherwise I may never have a chance to get to.  And, how I would forget about mentioning post-processing, I would talk about my views on this in the following. 

             Today, photography has entered in this digital age for over a decade and is constantly evolving along with the rapid changes of technology. Post-processing work has moved from being in a designated place like Darkroom to a monitor that photographers sitting in front of to perform all these magics through LR/PS/etc in order to create breath-taking digital arts that could not be possibly done in the Darkroom age. The controversy about how far photographers should go in post-processing has never stopped since day one and only has got louder as the technology evolves. Nothing exists as an art since day one, all artsy things are art because of later-on development it experienced, it goes from painting to dancing, from sculpturing to calligraphy. This is the same with photography, which has evolved into an art it is today since nearly 200 years ago. The fact is that art raises controversies because the essential of art is to reflect life and to make people see with their own visions regardless of their knowledge background or social status. So for art itself, there will always be people who loving it and people hating it. 
             Photographers, as digital artists of this exciting era along with all other artists or works who do that raise controversies (as long as they are morally good), shall never pay attention to those controversies but to keep shooting (doing), happily, and inspire others to pick up not only the camera but the courage to go out there and live fully. 

(PS: I am currently stepping away from photography indefinitely, which was a hard decision made out of a combination of reasons; it was made during 2016, and my latest work up-to-date would be during this period; you can stay tuned if you like my works if I ever get to get back to this genre of art  I've always loved with passion and given some of heart for. Like I stated  in the beginning, we should self-reflect as we go in life and  chase for things that are most certainly necessary and meaningful for us. Anyway, my love for this digital art does not fade away as I still practice my appreciation of others' masterpieces which I can easily name a dozen names while snapping shots with my iPhone in the mean time which I feel pretty good about, easy and light, peace)



                                                                                                                                                                                                              Tianyang Geng



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